RHEINTACHO Rotational Speed Sensors

RHEINTACHO rotational speed sensors successfully pass the extreme temperature change test.

RHEINTACHO Speed sensors FC and FE
RHEINTACHO Speed sensors FC and FE

RHEINTACHO FC und FE rotational speed sensors have proven themselves against extreme temperature changes.

  • Combination of two rotational speed sensors mechanically based on the FC sensor and electronically on the FE sensor version as a 2-channel hall-difference sensor
  • Suitable for detecting rotational speed and direction, as well as standstill (0 Hz)
  • Connection interface uses a common type of Deutsch-plug
  • IP6K9K / IP67
  • Tested to 1000 change cycles between -40 and 125 C; change time between temperature limits is max. 30 seconds; dwell time at temperature limits is 40 minutes each
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