Eaton GFX Machine Dynamics Sensor

The GFX machine dynamics sensor combines the functionality of a GPS and IMU into a single device.

Eaton Gfx Low Angle
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Power management company Eaton announces the launch of its GFX machine dynamics sensor, a two-in-one device combining the functionality of a global positioning system (GPS) and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) in one compact package.

  • Monitors machine location, speed, acceleration, direction, tilt, pitch and roll, helping keep operators and their machinery safe and productive 
  • Provides true ground speed data and geopositioning which can help optimize operations such as seeding, harvesting and earthmoving
  • Monitoring of acceleration, angular rate and magnetic field data can help avoid rollover accidents on uneven terrain
  • Eliminates need to source and integrate multiple components
  • Offers space and cost savings 
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40-85 C (-40-185 F)
  • Well suited for the rugged environments in which off-highway equipment operates
  • Features dustproof and waterproof design rated to IP67, making it suitable for open-cab machinery 

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