PURE.MOBILE Family of Draw-Wire Encoders

Three-in-one wire-actuated encoder with integrated inclination sensor for position, speed and inclination

Sg121 Cmyk 2 Layer
Siko 591ddf9bc6627

Designed specifically for mobile machines, the SIKO PURE.MOBILE family of wire-actuated encoders features an optional integrated single-axis inclinometer that can also detect the inclination. Because of the modular sensor design, every SIKO draw-wire encoder can be expanded to include inclination detection without changing the sensor’s design, size or connection type. Installation space, cabling work and product costs can be reduced in this way with increased functionality.

The SG121 and SG150 wire-actuated encoder types provide maximum measuring lengths of 12,000 and 15,000 mm respectively. For mid-range measuring lengths, the SG31 and SG61 wire-actuated encoders feature maximum measuring lengths of 3,000 mm and 6,000 mm respectively.         

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