Digital Transducer Interface

Kistler announces its recent acquisition of a Digital Transducer Interface which enables high-reliability, high-speed data capture and analysis.

Kistler Dtitransducer 10814965

Kistler announces its recent acquisition of the Digital Transducer Interface (DTI) technology assets of the Hannover, Germany-based Hentschel System GmbH, bringing innovative digitization technology capabilities to its vehicle safety testing portfolio.

  • Digitization enables high-reliability, high-speed data capture and analysis
  • Allows for the full digitization of analogue data directly in sensor housing via built-in modules, or DiMods
  • DiMod signal output transmission is achieved via standard bus connection to crash data recorder
  • Recorder provides centralized memory storage for collected crash data, with data from up to 12 transducers able to be transmitted online via a single bus cable
  • Small form factor of Kistler DiMods allow for easy integration into finished sensor designs without addition of significant mass
  • Compact three-channel DiMod version, measuring 10 mm3, is also available for triaxial sensor integration requirements
  • Optimization of DiMods for systems with standard sampling rates of 20 kHz, 100 kHz and 1 MHz is possible, enabling greater system versatility, performance and innovation
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