Inductive Factor 1 Sensors

Baumer introduces its line of inductive Factor 1 sensors which are well suited for use in a variety of heavy-duty applications.

Faktor 1 Sensors 11222750

A line of inductive Factor 1 sensors from Baumer provides the industry's largest sensing distance for high switching frequency sensors, offering solutions to fast-moving processes, more reproducible measurements, and smaller measuring offsets. 

  • Provides nearly identical sensing range for all metals 
  • Delivers high sensing distance, particularly for aluminum and copper
  • Consistent across target materials and provides sensing ranges within extremely tight tolerances of published specifications
  • Sensing range remains consistent whether sensors are mounted either non-flush or flush in aluminum and carbon steel
  • Incorporates technology which yields extremely high repeatability with very small temperature drift and minimal variation in performance from one sensor to another
  • Features voltage supply range from 5 to 36V DC, enabling operation when special voltage supplies are used
  • Shorter than average sensor housings available to allow installation in tight spaces
  • PNP, NPN, Normally-Open, Normally-Closed, connector, and cable versions are available
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