Micro-Measurements CEA-Series Strain Gages

Micro-Measurements has introduced the CEA-Series strain gages with a pattern geometry which meets the needs of the ASTM Standard Test Method D6641.

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Micro-Measurements, a Vishay Precision Group Inc. (VPG) brand, announces the release of three CEA-Series strain gages designed to perform standard compression tests on polymer matrix composite materials.

  • Features unique configuration suited for any strain measurement requiring close proximity to one-sided features, such as weld joints, structural discontinuities, or stress risers like holes and cracks
  • Pattern geometry meets needs of ASTM Standard Test Method D6641
  • 062UB, 125UB and 250UB patterns are designed with both solder tabs placed on one side of linear sensing grid
  • Enables proper orientation on composite specimen and keeps sensing grid centered in test zone
  • Available in 350 ohm to minimize self-heating
  • UB pattern features thin, flexible, cast polyimide carrier backing and encapsulation
  • Rugged copper-coated solder tabs enable quick and simple soldering
  • Available with optional pre-attached lead wires, eliminating chance of heat damage to test specimen during soldering




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