MICHELIN Auto Inflate, powered by Halo

Michelin's Auto Inflate, powered by Halo, automatically maintains consistent tire pressure to help reduce tire-related downtime.

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Michelin Americas Truck Tires, a division of Michelin North America Inc., has introduced MICHELIN Auto Inflate, powered by Halo, a wheel-mounted tire-management solution that allows fleets to automatically maintain optimal tire pressure.

  • Helps reduce tire-related downtime events, extending tire life, improving fuel economy and increasing safety
  • Utilizes automatic tire inflation technology to maintain pressure on drive and trailer tires
  • Works with both duals and wide-base single tires
  • Compact, self-powered pump can be mounted to the hub in 10 minutes using standard tools, no axle drilling required
  • Monitors and adjusts for low air pressure with each wheel rotation
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Can be factory-set to a specified target tire pressure


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