Hydraulic Driven Lubricator

SKF introduces its Hydraulic Driven Lubricator which eliminates the need for manual lubrication of equipment attachments.

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The SKF Hydraulic Driven Lubricator offers an innovative solution for lubricating construction and off-highway equipment attachments (including hammers, breakers, pulverizers, shears, and grapples, among others). 

  • Automatically lubricates attachments using an integrated pump driven by the hydraulic oil itself
  • Performs in tough operating environments and reduces need for time-consuming and often dangerous manual relubrication
  • Increases machine availability, reduces maintenance costs, improves worker safety, and reduces risk of wear and breakdowns
  • Incorporates patented pump design
  • Drive piston is pressurized on an alternating basis by machine’s hydraulic circuit via a hydraulic changeover valve
  • Piston performs either in suction or delivery phase as long as machine and/or attachment is in operation
  • Pump feeds right lubricant in right amount at right time
  • Delivery rates can be adjusted or reset to meet operating requirements
  • Easy to install by fitting unit directly on attachment
  • Performs with chisel paste typically recommended for rugged equipment exposed to harsh environments
  • Changing lubricant cartridge is quick and easy when necessary


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