Matrix Pro GS Guidance System

TeeJet's Matrix Pro GS Guidance System simultaneously displays guidance and live video for improved field accuracy and efficiency.

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The Matrix Pro GS Guidance System offers growers TeeJet exclusive RealView guidance over video along with several new productivity-enhancing features.

  • Displays guidance and live video simultaneously, improving accuracy and efficiency in field operations
  • Up to eight RealView cameras can be used to monitor multiple machine operations while at the same time viewing guidance information
  • Choice of Matrix Pro 570GS with 5.7 in. (145 mm) display or Matrix Pro 840GS with 8.4 in. (213 mm) display
  • Advanced swath control capabilities allow for automatic boom section control (ABSC) on dry spreaders and sprayers with offset booms
  • Supports droplet size monitoring capability which provides real-time display of droplet size being produced at sprayer boom allowing operator to optimize spraying application
  • NextRow feature guides operators through turns in row crop environments, helping them find the correct rows to steer between for the next pass
  • Auto-steer and ABSC ready
  • Adding FieldPilot or UniPilot assisted steering can greatly enhance operator productivity
  • BoomPilot ABSC can also be added
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