Automated Driving - Levels of Driving Automation are Defined in New SAE International Standard J3016

SAE International's news standard J3016 defines the five levels of automation for on-road vehicles.

With the goal of providing common terminology for automated driving, SAE International’s new standard J3016: Taxonomy and Definitions for Terms Related to On-Road Motor Vehicle Automated Driving Systems, delivers a harmonized classification system and supporting definitions that:

  • Identify six levels of driving automation from “no automation” to “full automation.”
  • Base definitions and levels on functional aspects of technology.
  • Describe categorical distinctions for a step-wise progression through the levels.
  • Are consistent with current industry practice.
  • Eliminate confusion and are useful across numerous disciplines (engineering, legal, media, and public discourse).
  • Educate a wider community by clarifying for each level what role (if any) drivers have in performing the dynamic driving task while a driving automation system is engaged.