Case IH Expanding Precision Farming Products

Case IH recently introduced expansions and improvements to its Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) precision farming product lineup.

Case IH will expand its Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) precision farming offering by introducing a new GPS receiver and new variable-rate controller and telematics systems and AFS software. Earlier this week at Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany, Case IH unveiled an expanded AFS software package, AccuControl rate controller technology, the AFS 372 receiver and AFS Connect telematics.

“These four Case IH AFS products represent the first new offering resulting from the formation of our dedicated precision farming business unit and expanded Case IH and Trimble joint development relationship,” says Trevor Mecham, Case IH AFS Marketing Manager. “In addition, these products will soon be supported by a dedicated 24/7/365 user support team based in multiple corporate engineering facilities throughout the world, including our local team based in Burr Ridge, IL.”

AFS Connect

Representing the first commercial telematics launch for Case IH, AFS Connect provides wireless connectivity to its Pro 600 and Pro 700 display through cellular data. AFS Connect will provide up-to-date information regarding fleet management, a virtual display of cab monitors in the office, performance analysis, file management received from the field, and two-way messaging, among other key features.

AFS software

The all-new Case IH AFS software suite will greatly expand upon the current capabilities of AFS desktop software, while also interfacing seamlessly with previously collected AFS data. At launch, the Case IH AFS software offering will include five packages designed to work together seamlessly and meet a variety of needs.

  • AFS View allows producers to view and track their data with a customized list of farms and fields, which can then be shared with precision farming devices for data management.
  • AFS Mapping & Records can accumulate yield, moisture and application data and track and/or print field records for restricted-use chemicals, fertilizer applications, equipment maintenance, crop plans, invoices and more.
  • AFS Accounting integrates all farm financial records for easy production cost comparison, enabling producers to make more informed decisions to improve farm profitability.
  • AFS Water Management helps users identify optimal placement of tile and surface drains in both surface and sub-surface drainage water management projects.
  • AFS Mobile streamlines data management in the field by bundling record keeping, mapping, soil sampling and variable rate application into one software solution that is easily portable and allows producers to access important information anytime and anywhere. 

AFS AccuControl rate controller

Using the new AFS AccuControl rate controller technology, Case IH AFS Pro 600 and AFS Pro 700 display users can vary sprayer, spreader, planter and seeder rates or turn implement sections, including non-Case IH implements, on and off.

“Case IH recognizes that customers make use of multiple tools in their operation, so we are continually striving to find ways to simplify the process,” Mecham notes. “Variable rate and section control can yield significant input cost savings and enhanced yield characteristics, so our customers require this functionality across their fleet.”

The Case IH AccuControl manages a wide variety of applications and creates as-applied maps:

  • Planters: Controls up to four sections and up to 48 rows for individual row shut off; manual configuration of section and row orientations and variable rate seeding at up to four different section rates
  • Sprayers & anhydrous/strip till applicators: Controls up to four rates and 48 boom sections; multiple-product variable rate control for up to four different liquid, anhydrous and dry granular products
  • Self-propelled and trailing spinner spreaders: Multi-product variable rate control on up to four different liquid or dry products

AFS 372 receiver

The new Case IH AFS 372 receiver is a combined GPS and GLONASS integrated receiver/antenna. By combining the functionality of the U.S. GPS and Russian GLONASS (Global Orbiting Navigation Satellite System) systems, the AFS 372 receiver has the capability to include up to 44 satellites in a position solution, resulting in improved uptime during crucial field operations.

“More than ever before, producers are counting on a reliable GPS signal during crucial planting, seeding, fertilizing and harvesting windows,” says Mecham. “With an ever growing world population that passed seven billion just a couple weeks ago, the increased signal reliability of the Case IH 372 is needed.”

Case IH customers can use the differential correction option and accuracy that’s best for their operation. The AFS 372 supports RTK correction sources such as Trimble VRS, CORS and traditional RTK via radio transmission. It is also compatible with CenterPoint RTX, DGPS corrections such as EGNOS, WAAS and MSAS, as well as OmniSTAR corrections VBS, XP and HP.

The AFS 372 receiver replaces the AFS 252 and AFS 262, so integrating it into current equipment is quick and easy.

The new receiver will be available as a factory-installed option in April 2012. The new AFS software, AFS AccuControl and AFS Connect, along with dedicated support team, will also come online later this spring.