Ottopia Announces Collaboration with DENSO

Ottopia has also launched its Advanced Teleoperation platform which provides both direct and indirect remote control of autonomous vehicles.

Ottopia Vehicle Hardware 1

Ottopia, a technology company enabling remote vehicle operation, announces a collaboration with DENSO Corporation, the world's second largest automotive Tier 1 supplier. Ottopia also announced the launch of its Advanced Teleoperation (ATO) platform, providing both direct and indirect remote control of autonomous vehicles. Ottopia’s ATO platform offers a unique integration of human operators with patent pending Artificial Intelligence software to set a new safety standard for teleoperation in the automotive industry. 

The company notes the ATO platform is also applicable for use in heavier duty applications.

Ottopia is working with some of the biggest automotive corporations in the world. One such customer is DENSO Corporation. "Our collaboration with DENSO has been phenomenal from day one," says Ottopia CEO and founder Amit Rosenzweig. "DENSO is interested in a teleoperation solution focused on safety and scalability. These are exactly the values Ottopia is committed to while building the world's first automotive-grade teleoperation platform."

Teleoperation is necessary to assist autonomous vehicles through complex situations. Industry consensus is that there will always be cases when human intervention is required. The Ottopia ATO platform provides this human assistance, offering the safest, most scalable and cyber-secure solution available on the market.

Ottopia’s ATO platform utilizes proprietary network bonding and ultra-low latency video compression to reliably deliver real-time remote operation of vehicles over existing public cellular networks.

Ottopia’s unique technology focuses on safety and scale. By employing advanced AI and indirect methods of control, the operator is able to efficiently support multiple autonomous vehicles. The platform also introduces an active safety layer of vehicle-side software that ensures safe operation even in harsh conditions such as lost cellular connection or extreme weather. Ottopia Teleoperation Center

The platform also enables remote control of non-autonomous vehicles in industries like freight, shipping, and construction. “Anyone who is interested in teleoperation -- from robotaxi companies to fleet management and logistics companies -- can now deploy our platform,” says Rosenzweig. 

Ottopia will publicly demonstrate its platform during EcoMotion Week, taking place June 10 – 13, 2019 at the Pavilion 1, EXPO in Tel Aviv. 

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