Topcon "Precision Active" Campaign

Topcon’s "Precision Active" campaign focuses on the role of positioning technology in the farming industry.

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Topcon Precision Agriculture (TPA) unveiled its new “Precision Active” campaign for distributors and end-users. The announcement was made by Tom Causey, ag global marketing services manager.

The campaign is designed to promote the role of Topcon’s precision positioning technology in the farming industry throughout the world. The slogan “Topcon Precision Active” is a statement about “what Topcon Precision Ag products do…make farm machinery precision active in every phase of the farming cycle – planning, planting, growing, harvesting,” Causey says.

“Farm owners and operators who have adopted precision agriculture as a way to save time, operate more efficiently, be environment-friendly, obtain a higher accuracy, higher yield and reduce costs are ‘precision active,’” he says.

More and more original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are delivering equipment and machines with Topcon precision ag technology installed and ready to go. "That’s ‘precision active,’ and that’s what we are promoting through this campaign,” Causey says.

Topcon customers can promote their equipment as “Precision Active” with decals for their vehicles and equipment. The decals are available at Topcon agriculture dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

Topcon is also promoting its “Precision Ready” campaign for original equipment manufacturers to show that the machinery can be easily upgraded with Topcon machine control products.

Causey says, “Global OEMs are facilitating the adoption and integration of advanced machine features and functionality.”