Société de transport de Montréal's 2,000th Bus Has Groenveld Automatic Greasing System

Société de transport de Montréal orders its 2,000th bus with the Groeneveld automatic greasing system.

Groeneveld SingleLine Automatic Greasing System
Groeneveld SingleLine Automatic Greasing System

Société de transport de Montréal (STM), awarded as the best transit property in North America, has recently taken the 2,000th bus in service equipped with the Groeneveld SingleLine automatic greasing system. The STM initiated a process to integrate the principles of sustainable development in all its business methods and practices. With the standard specification of Groeneveld automatic greasing the STM is able to meet their requirements to increase up-time, customer satisfaction and reliability of their extensive bus network. The SingleLine automatic greasing system has a proven track record at STM since 1992 to operate under heavy weather conditions and intensive use in the Montréal region. Combined with the high service level of Groeneveld’s importer Systèmes C.P.L. Québec the total proposition for the STM is of high quality.

Groeneveld experiences a growing demand for its high quality automatic greasing systems. Although the number of greasing points for buses and coaches has been decreasing over the last decades, there are still vital parts of chassis and axel suspensions such as the king pins that need regular lubrication. Automatic greasing perfectly fits in with the trend for longer service intervals and lower maintenance costs. Implementation of Groeneveld systems ensures the highest business reliability and the shortest cost-recovery period. The SingleLine for city buses is provided with an electronic time switch, this determines the interval and the duration of the lubricating cycle. The time switches are available with intervals between five minutes to 50 minutes or from 30 to 300 minutes with a pressure time of three minutes. All time switches have been provided with a readable memory and an alarm function in the eventuality that the minimum grease pressure has not been reached. A buzzer or a visual light will notify the operator of the abnormality. Groeneveld offers a broad product line of automatic greasing systems such as the CompAlube with specially designed grease cartridges and for more complex applications, such as articulated buses with more greasing points, Groeneveld offers class-leading automatic greasing systems, such as TriPlus and the unique Twin dual line greasing system. In the total Quebec area more than 3,500 buses are equipped with a Groeneveld automatic greasing system.