MOBA Displaying 2D and 3D Machine Control Systems at World of Asphalt

During the World of Asphalt show, set to take place in mid-March, MOBA will have several of its 2D and 3D machine control systems on display.

MOBA Big Sonic-Ski
MOBA Big Sonic-Ski

Control systems for construction machinery are more important than ever to perform a precise, efficient and safe job on today’s construction sites. MOBA provides 2D and 3D control systems for a broad range of road construction and earthmoving machines and presents them at World of Asphalt in San Antonio, TX, March 19 to 21, 2013 at booth 2320.

The product range that MOBA Corporation is demonstrating at the leading exposition for the asphalt industry stretches from leveling and quality control systems for pavers, a compaction system for rollers to excavator systems.

High quality road surface with MOBA’s paver systems

The leveling system Big Sonic-Ski yields highest smoothness performance on asphalt roads. By combining three ultrasonic sensors, the system can operate over a range of 42 ft. without an artificial reference. This way, it is possible to even smooth out unevenness which covers a large ground section, e.g. road waves. The Big Sonic-Ski achieves a precision of 0.04 in. in ground sensing and produces measurably improved surface flatness. With the MOBA-matic II handset, the leveling system is easy to operate – with only four buttons, clear icon driven instructions and a 3.5 in. color display.

The quality control system MOBA PAVE-IR provides a non-destructive method for detecting thermal segregation in real-time. Using infrared sensors, the system produces a thermal profile for the entire project and shows real-time data on a full color TFT touchscreen. It stores all files with GPS coordinates and a temperature scale for additional analysis in the office. Distance measurements, paving speed and paver stops are also recorded, allowing contractors to adjust their paving operations to maximize profits while providing a high quality product free of segregation.

Optimized material compaction

With the MCA-2000 roller system, optimized material compaction can be achieved in the construction of roads and tarmac surfaced areas. The system determines the machine’s GPS position. With this data, it records the number of roller passes during the entire project and reconciles target and actual passes. Additionally, thesystem measures the asphalt’s temperature at the time of rolling. This permits the production of a homogeneously compacted material,   preventing future road damage. All data is shown at the color display of the panel Operand D. The MCA-2000 permits a highly efficient use of the roller and reduces both operating cost and wear on the machine.

Excavator systems for accurate results

MOBA’s excavator systems Easy Dig, Link and Vision 3D work extremely accurately and increase cost-effectiveness and machine use efficiency. The affordable and easy-to-install basic system Easy Dig with versatile 2D features is the ideal 2D solution, while the expansion stage Link supplies additional basic 3D features. The high-end system Vision 3D offers comprehensive 3D features and even complex projects can be carried out precisely and efficiently. Project data is transmitted directly from the office to the machine via Internet; from this data a 3D terrain model is designed. Vision 3D automatically detects the machine’s GPS position making the time-consuming and personal-intensive manual surveying of the terrain unnecessary. The excavator operator can control the bucket using the digital terrain model shown on the touchscreen panel. This prevents incorrect excavation and work processes become quicker and more efficient. Another time-saving feature is the tele-support which offers quick help without service personnel having to come to the site. Thanks to the modular structure, an upgrade from Easy Dig to Link to Vision 3D is possible any time without any complications.