MOBA automation systems at work in South America

MOBA will highlight its mobile machine automation systems currently being used in South America at Brazil Road Expo.

Big Sonic-Ski
Big Sonic-Ski

For the past two years, MOBA Mobile Automation AG has been successfully represented in South American markets as a developer and manufacturer of measurement and control technology. Together with partner companies in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia and Mexico, MOBA offers its control systems for construction machinery throughout all of South America. For example, MOBA leveling systems are in use on pavers and graders in Argentina, Chile and Mexico. From April 9 to 11, 2014, MOBA will be presenting its technologies for mobile machinery automation at stand 367 at the Brazil Road Expo in São Paulo, Brazil.

Big Sonic-Ski – Improved smoothness through the use of ultrasonics

With the leveling system MOBA-matic, construction companies can achieve the best results in asphalt paving. MOBA-matic automatically regulates the elevation and incline of the screed. This way the utmost in planarity is achieved when applying layers of asphalt and exactly the desired layer thickness can be laid down. This saves money, as no more material is laid down than what is required and the work productivity is increased. The system works with a multitude of different sensors – for example with lasers, slope sensors or with the multi-sensor Big Sonic-Ski. Big Sonic-Ski works with up to four Sonic-Ski sensors. These ultrasonic sensors contactlessly scan the subgrade at multiple, widely distributed points in order to ascertain the elevation. From these measurement results, MOBA-matic derives a mean value and deduces a virtual reference level. Thus, irregularities in the subgrade – for instance bulges – are not included. The result is a level, consistent layer of asphalt.

Optimum material compaction with the MCA-2000

For the quality of asphalt roads, the compaction when applying the asphalt is decisive. Faultless compaction can prevent premature road damage. The MCA-2000 compaction system supports the roller driver in optimally compacting the material by giving him a comprehensive overview. This provides him with control over the entire compaction operation while the work is being accomplished. The system registers the position of the roller by means of GNSS. With this positional data, MCA-2000 counts the number of compaction passes and compares the target and actual passes made. Furthermore, the system measures the temperature of the asphalt. All information is shown on the display. This way the driver has an exact overview at all times of where the asphalt has already been sufficiently compacted, where passes are still necessary and where there is optimum compaction temperature. All data can be transferred by means of a USB memory stick or sent via a webserver to the office for documentation and work verification.

Excavation systems for all kinds of assignments

The Xsite Line offers the appropriate excavation system for each requirement and machine. The basic Xsite EASY system has all the functionalities required for ditch or trench construction, for instance. Xsite LINK offers additional features, for example satellite positioning and a convenient graphic display; and, the high-end system Xsite PRO is optimally suited for complex projects and offers diverse 3D functionalities. The systems are compatible, so that an upgrade is easily possible at any time.