WABCO and Mobileye Introduce Advanced Driver Assistance System and Road Experience Management Technology

The two companies will work together to develop systems for commercial vehicles which combine Mobileye's vision system and mapping technology with WABCO's electronic braking and stability systems.

WABCO Holdings Inc.—a leading global supplier of technologies that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles— and Mobileye N.V.—a global leader in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) technologies—have announced that they are joining forces to develop solutions for commercial vehicles that leverage advanced emergency braking ADAS functionalities and Mobileye’s REM technology that provides real-time data for precise localization and high-definition lane data.

The solutions will combine Mobileye’s leading vision system and mapping technology with the control and actuation technologies from WABCO’s industry-leading portfolio of electronic braking, stability and emergency braking systems in combination with capability for active steering control. The WABCO-Mobileye solution will benefit commercial vehicle manufacturers and operators through more advanced safety capability to help reduce the risk of accidents.

Furthermore, it is expected that, through this cooperation, REM data from this vision system in vehicles will be integrated with real-time data gathered from WABCO’s rich onboard source of digital information about the vehicle’s systems and its performance – all of which will be streamed for cloud-based computing and off-vehicle data analytics support.

“Our partnership with industry-leading Mobileye exemplifies our continued technology leadership in advanced driver assistance systems, and it supports WABCO’s pole position to create a ‘cocoon of safety’ around the commercial vehicle through 360-degree sensor detection,” says Jacques Esculier, WABCO Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Mobileye provides major innovation for passenger cars, allowing us to bring this level of intelligence to support commercial vehicles.

“We are excited to expand WABCO’s strategy to offer differentiated safety, efficiency and digital connectivity solutions that mobilize vehicle intelligence for real-time status insights and critical systems control, assisting drivers with higher levels of driving automation,” says Esculier.

“Our cooperation with WABCO, a world leader in safety enabling technologies for commercial vehicles, adds value to our systems by providing full actuation of the brakes and by leveraging WABCO’s sophistication in advanced braking systems for commercial vehicles,” says Ziv Aviram, Mobileye Co-founder, President and CEO. “The inclusion of our innovative REM technology into the WABCO-Mobileye system further enhances its capabilities and creates a system with a high degree of safety for the benefit of commercial vehicle manufacturers and operators.”

WABCO at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016

WABCO will showcase at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 industry-leading technologies and services that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles worldwide. This includes the latest technologies in braking, advanced driver assistance, fleet management solutions and aerodynamics.

WABCO in Hall 16 at Booth B10
Hanover Exhibition Center; Hanover, Germany
Press Days: September 21 and 22
Public Days: September 22 through 29

WABCO’s Live Demonstrations at IAA Innovation Stage 2016

WABCO will demonstrate daily its latest aerodynamics technologies for commercial vehicles as well as its fleet management security solution at the outdoor exhibition area, north of Hall 26.

Mobileye at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016

Mobileye plans to host test drives and showcase its aftermarket product portfolio for fleets at the IAA Commercial Vehicles. Mobileye's technology acts as a driver's third eye, constantly monitoring blind spots and the dynamic driving environment and providing drivers real-time visual and audible alerts as the risk of an imminent collision increases.

Mobileye in Hall 13 at Booth C21
Hanover Exhibition Center; Hanover, Germany
Press Days: September 21 and 22
Public Days: September 22 through 29