RCT Remote Control Technology Integrated onto Dozer in Gold Mine

RCT's ControlMaster solutions allows operators to remotely control the CAT D10T dozer from a safe location.

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A major gold mining company in the Republic of Kazakhstan is operating a CAT D10T dozer on RCT’s state-of-the-art technology to improve safety and productivity on site. 

RCT worked with its local technology partner Borusan Makina Kazakhstan to commission its ControlMaster solution. RCT provided the technical support remotely to Borusan technicians who implemented the technology package for Altyntau Kokshetau LLP at their Kokshetau mine in the Vasilkovskoye gold ore field.

Unlike most complex OEM packages, the ControlMaster solution does not require specialist engineering work onsite and has a proven history of integrating quickly with any type of machine.

Going forward, site personnel will utilize the technology package and direct the dozer to work in hazardous locations under high walls and near ledges. In the event of a rock fall the machine operator will be located in a safe vantage point and not in proximity to the dozer. 

RCT Business Development Manager – CIS, Stephen Macarow said the project has been a great success. “The mine site knows RCT is a trusted and reliable supplier and can provide proven technology solutions for their particular needs,” he said. “Our technology is simple to install and use on any type of machine and we have empowered the mine site with the information they need to work independently. 

“We empowered Borusan’s local technicians with real-time international technical support as well as translated documentation which when combined ensured a smooth installation and commissioning process.

“Going forward, Borusan technicians will provide local support to the mine site and will be backed up by RCT’s international customer service team.”

Macarow continued, “We have worked with mining companies in the CIS region for more than 20 years and this project is just the latest success story in a long line of projects.”

RCT provided a comprehensive webinar-based training package run by one of its specially-qualified trainers who had particular experience using ControlMaster on a mine site. The trainer conducted theory-based teaching in a classroom as well as practical hands-on demonstrations and through a VPN network carried out testing and diagnostics on the dozer onsite. 

RCT’s trainer provided training to Borusan Makina maintenance personnel and a separate course for machine operators at the mine site. Operation practical training on the machine was provided by Borusan instructor Azat Mizambayev with the support of Altyntau project chief of monitoring group Demyan Stassyuk on the competitions and testing field. 

The training will empower the machine operators to utilize the technology to its maximum capacity and for Borusan Makina technicians to provide world-class local servicing.