Vision 3D Excavator Control System

MOBA Mobile Automation has released its Vision 3D excavator control system which transmits project data over the internet directly from the job site office to the excavator.

Mobamobileautomation Vision3de 10754001

The high-end version of MOBA Mobile Automation AG's excavator control system, Vision 3D, offers comprehensive 3D functionalities.

  • Via an Internet connection, the project data is transmitted directly from the office to the machine
  • Cross-sectional profiles and slope angles can also be carried out
  • Works with all common file formats, eliminating time-consuming conversions
  • Position information as well as the incline and height differences of work area to the reference area are displayed in real-time on the 8.4 in. touchscreen
  • Saves all project data for further processing and documentation
  • Automatically records GNSS position data of machine, eliminating need to manually survey terrain or make additional check measurements
  • Second GNSS antenna┬árecords orientation of the machine
  • External GNSS receivers can also be integrated into the system
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