Axiomatic NFC Valve Controller

Axiomatic's NFC valve controller can be configured while unpowered via a smartphone app.

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Using Near Field Communication (NFC), the highly flexible NFC valve controller from Axiomatic is configurable while unpowered.

  • Can be configured from an Android phone app when phone and controller within 2 cm (1 in.) of each other
  • NFC technology uses magnetic induction between two loop antennas to communicate within globally available radio frequency ISM band of 13.56 MHz
  • Communications have password protection built in
  • Accepts two command signals and drives two solenoids up to 3A
  • Other interfaces can include a magnetic pick up sensor and encoder        
  • Many control profile parameters are user configurable
  • Outputs are user selectable as high side, low side or half-bridge type        
  • DIN rail mount and a fully sealed IP67 form factor are available
  • Operation is from -40-85 C (-40-185 F)
  • Interfaces with 12V or 24V battery power, making it suitable for machine and industrial applications
  • Gateways to CANbus networks using Ethernet, Bluetooth, and WiFi are under development



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