ANEDO open:connect W50 Remote Task Controller

ANEDO's open:connect 50 remote task controller, introduced at bauma 2016, supports all current communication standards and bus systems.


ANEDO has introduced the open:connect W50 remote task controller to provide a robust, high-performance and versatile central communication system.

  • Supports all current communication standards and bus systems, offering more connectivity approaches than were previously available
  • Can be integrated as mobile/internet router, WiFi hotspot and central communication hub in open:panel system
  • Can be used as separate open:connect black box and offer numerous wired and wireless interfaces for every application
  • Able to produce WiFi hotspot which is particularly stable and efficient with integrated switch-over via two SIM cards from different providers and two separate WiFi networks, a “guest” network for the driver and a protected machine network
  • LoRa machine networks are available as an option, capable of direct, long-range M2M connections between interlinked machines
  • Makes Fleet Management and Remote Services via telematics possible as well as using cloud services or portals, geo-fencing and GPS
  • Includes media server for content such as service or operating manuals or videos
  • Ethernet is also available to connect additional devices such as digital camera systems
  • Via open:connect apps, interfaces can be seamlessly integrated into whole open:connect system
  • Using open:panel ASC, individual apps on iPads and smartphones receive very easy, protected access to all relevant machine data
  • Consumer devices such as iPads can be seamlessly connected to the machine and used to distribute operating concepts on the machine and in the cabin to optimize processes
  • Designed specifically for agricultural applications
  • Enables safe, automatic documentation in the cloud or local field mapping in the office and vice versa from contracts to the team
  • Can be configured in a way that is specific to the customer, even in small quantities with individual corporate identities
  • For use in new machines and retrofit, and can be added with individual modules via an integrated connectivity slot
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