PLUS+1 Compliant Engine Information Center (EIC) Software and Memory Controllers

EIC software offers new compatibility with Tier 4 engines

Engine Information Center (EIC) Software
Engine Information Center (EIC) Software
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Sauer-Danfoss introduces two robust mobile machine management solutions that help OEMs reduce vehicle development costs and accelerate time to market. The updated PLUS+1 Compliant Engine Information Center (EIC) software and PLUS+1 Extended Memory Controllers represent the latest evolution in the Sauer-Danfoss PLUS+1 family of flexible, mobile machine management products.

Engine Information Center (EIC) Software

Updated EIC software offers mobile off-highway equipment OEMs new monitoring support for Tier 4-emissions-compliant engines.

  • Preloaded on all keyed variants of the PLUS+1 DP200 and DP250 graphical terminals
  • Enables customization of engine monitoring displays, allowing terminal users to navigate diagnostic information and configuration screens using four front panel soft keys
  • Ability to manually initiate or inhibit regeneration of DPF using buttons on menu bar
  • Soot and ash percentage gauges
  • LED warning for high exhaust system temperature
  • Color or monochrome variants
  • Two-, three- or four-gauge display per page
  • Gauge information configurable from more than 50 signals, including rpm, engine hours, coolant temperatures, oil temperatures, oil pressure, fuel level and fuel consumption
  • Standard J1939 DM1 error messages are automatically displayed in user-understandable terms and logged in a fault history for easy retrieval

Extended Memory Controllers

The Sauer-Danfoss Extended Memory Controllers provide expanded memory and storage capabilities compared to standard MC Controllers.

  • Four Extended Memory Controller models that are pin-for-pin compatible with equivalent MC controllers: MC024-018 (24-pin), MC038-018 (38-pin), MC050-018 (50-pin) and MC050-028 (50-pin); easy to port existing applications without wiring harness changes
  • User-programmable with PLUS+1 GUIDE (graphical user integrated development environment)
  • Models provide 256 KB of flash memory
  • FRAM non-volatile memory allows for unlimited amount of read/writes, which enable users to store data as frequently as necessary
  • Users are able to run any of the Sauer-Danfoss-developed subsystem applications, including complete hydrostatic transmission and work function control system solutions, anti-spin control, fan drive and generic dual path
  • Feature 2 MB of serial flash/vault memory with circular (continues to write data in a loop) or linear (only records until the memory is full and stops)
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