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PCB Automotive Sensors Div. introduces Series 5400 wheel force transducers (WFT), for road load data acquisition applications.

  • Rugged one-piece units mount between the vehicle hub and the wheel rim
  • Deliver highly accurate measurements
  • Durable water-resistant package
  • Units available in a variety of sizes
  • Heavy truck units mount directly to the axle hub
  • Can be fitted with either slip ring or telemetry signal transmission
  • Come equipped with on-board signal conditioning and calibration circuitry for each channel of data measurement
  • Ideal for calibrating and adjusting biaxial wheel test machines; drive-file development of full vehicle and module test systems up to six degrees of freedom (DOF); and product development of stability control, suspension, and tires
  • High-strength aluminum, high-strength stainless steel, and titanium
  • Accept modified rims
  • One-piece, forged, high-strength aluminum rims also available for heavy truck applications
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