Yutong First Chinese Manufacturer to use Trimble Ready Program for Dynamic Compaction

The two companies will work together to integrate the Trimble DPS900 Machine Control System onto Yutong's dynamic compaction machines.

Trimble announces that Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has become the first Chinese manufacturer to participate in the Trimble Ready program for dynamic compaction applications. As part of the program, Trimble and Yutong will work together to integrate the Trimble DPS900 Machine Control System onto Yutong dynamic compaction machines.

The Trimble DPS900 System utilizes real-time navigation and automatic recording so the machine operator can use the in-cab display to position the machine at the precise compaction point, automatically recording the number of drops and the total displacement of each point. Using the system, the operator has more precise control of the equipment and can achieve better machine utilization. This new technology can improve productivity, avoid rework, and reduce the number of on-site construction workers needed, while also improving quality and safety.

"As a dynamic compaction industry leader, we understand the importance of technical innovation," says Guo Xudong, General Manager, Yutong Heavy Industries Engineering Machinery. "We believe that the Trimble DPS900 Machine Control System will allow us to profoundly transform the way dynamic compaction is done."

"The Trimble DPS900 Machine Control System for Dynamic Compaction is an exciting new solution for civil construction," says Troy Rigby, Manager for Trimble OEM Solutions, Civil Engineering and Construction Division, Asia Pacific. "Trimble is very pleased to work closely with Yutong Heavy Industries to advance civil construction and promote this state-of-the-art technology."