Volvo Trucks Boosts Uptime Support for Legacy Vehicles Through Geotab Partnership

Volvo Trucks and partner Geotab are enabling customers who own vehicles with an EPA 2010 or newer Volvo engine to access the same suite of uptime services as those who own newer model trucks.

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Volvo Trucks North America is extending its comprehensive Volvo Trucks Uptime Services to legacy vehicles through the addition of telematics connectivity via partner Geotab, a leading provider of telematics technology. Owners of Volvo legacy vehicles with EPA 2010 or newer Volvo engines will be able to access the same suite of uptime services available for newer model Volvo trucks.

“Our partnership with Geotab provides an exciting opportunity to bring the proven uptime benefits of our connected vehicle services to customers with active Volvo legacy vehicles,” says Conal Deedy, Director of Connected Vehicle Services for Volvo Trucks. “Fleets will also benefit from greater consistency in service management across all trucks in a fleet, knowing that aging units are often reassigned from long-haul to regional haul routes.”

Activation of a Remote Diagnostics subscription for predictive diagnostics and monitoring, and installation of the plug-in Geotab telematics device will connect the legacy vehicle to the highly trained uptime experts at Volvo’s Uptime Center. At the Uptime Center, Volvo Action Service (VAS) agents provide 24/7 monitoring of critical vehicle codes. If VAS agents detect an issue, they will assess the severity and provide the vehicle’s designated contact with the information needed to decide whether to keep operating the truck or take it for immediate service. The entire service case process is documented and tracked through Volvo’s ASIST online service management and communication platform, giving real-time visibility to case status, repair scheduling, and parts and service bay availability. 

“We’re proud to partner with Volvo to provide customers with powerful visibility into maintenance requirements and overall health of their legacy vehicles,” says Colin Sutherland, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Geotab. “With simple installation, customers can begin improving uptime across their entire fleet quickly and easily.” 

Owners of legacy Volvo trucks can purchase Geotab telematics devices and sign up for Remote Diagnostics subscriptions through the Volvo Trucks dealer network beginning May 1, 2017. In addition to a subscription for Remote Diagnostics, the telematics hardware requires a brief activation and onboarding process initiated and managed by Volvo and Geotab.

Volvo Trucks introduced its integrated connected vehicle hardware and Remote Diagnostics proactive diagnostics and monitoring mid-2012, later making it standard on all North American models equipped with Volvo engines.