Topcon NORAC UC7 All-in-One Boom Height Control System

Topcon's NORAC UC7 boom height control system combines three modules into a single system and can be updated as operational demands change.

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Topcon Agriculture announces the next generation of boom height control with the NORAC UC7 Control System.

  • All-in-one boom height control system, capable of all levels of NORAC automated control
  • Combines three modules into one from the NORAC UC5 Control System
  • Reduces overall components, improving both installation and support efficiency
  • Can easily be updated as demands change via USB
  • Offers varying levels of control
  • Helps reduce boom damage and operator stress, increasing overall farming efficiency
  • Adapts to changing demands, from Standard Control to the breakthrough Active Roll technology
  • Compatible with Universal Terminal (UT) displays, enabling smooth integration for virtually any operation
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