Mann + Hummel Smart Filter Monitoring

Mann + Hummel's smart filter monitoring uses algorithms to provide key figures for predictive maintenance in existing telematics systems.

Smart Filter Monitoring

With its comprehensive software solution including sensors, MANN+HUMMEL offers a solution for precise monitoring of filter status. 

  • Provides exact status of fleet at any time and ensures filters are always changed at the right time
  • Eliminates need to manually check filters
  • Various sensors monitor load status of air and cabin air filters, oil, hydraulic oil and transmission oil filters as well as fuel pre-filters and main filters
  • Status of engine oil, hydraulic oil and fuel can be observed as well
  • Measured data is transferred from respective vehicle to the OEM cloud where it is anonymized and then passed on to the MANN+HUMMEL cloud
  • Algorithms analyze the data of individual sensors and determine precise key figures for predictive maintenance
  • Information is prepared and returned digitally to the OEM which makes the information conveniently available to end customers, fleet operators and users in the telematics system or via an app

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