Visionaire Smart HVAC System

The Visionaire Smart HVAC System enables HVAC information to be integrated into cab displays or controls via CAN communication.


Visionaire announces the launch of a Smart System Technology Package to complement its existing HVAC units.

  • Allows for the integration of HVAC unit into existing cabin displays or controls, be it J1939 or another form of CAN communication
  • System allows for bi-directional communication
  • Designed to be as user friendly to operate as smart home thermostats
  • Provides proactive feedback to operator regarding operating conditions of the HVAC unit
  • Sensor temperature, suction and discharge pressure, and a multitude of potential component failures are all communicated on demand 
  • Can currently be added into the 7150, 7110, 7170 line of Self Contained Units or worked into new custom designed/user specific applications 
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