ACEINNA INS401 Inertial Navigation System

The INS401 Inertial Navigation System provides centimeter-level accuracy to aid development of ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

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ACEINNA Inc. announces the release of its INS401 Inertial Navigation System (INS) and GNSS/RTK solution for autonomous vehicle precise positioning.

  • Provides high accuracy and high integrity localization for developers and manufacturers of ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and autonomy solutions for autonomous vehicles of all types
  • Features RTK-enabled dual frequency GNSS receiver, triple-redundant inertial sensors, and positioning engine
  • Designed for use in L2+ and higher ADAS and other high-volume applications requiring precise position information
  • Provides centimeter-level accuracy, enhanced reliability and performance during GNSS outages
  • Delivers strong performance in GNSS challenged urban environments
  • Certified to ASIL-B level according to ISO26262
  • Small, compact, and turnkey with rugged aluminum housing
  • Includes everything needed for design and development of robust navigation system
  • Flexible platform enables easy customization for fast time to market
  • Includes “Integrity Engine” to guarantee zero performance failure

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