EB07 Expansion Board

STW Technic's EB07 expansion board enables the addition of telematics to electronic controllers in off-highway equipment without the need for a modem.

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STW Technic introduces its EB07 expansion board that allows the addition of telematics to off-highway electronic controllers without a modem.

  • Features a 400 MHz PowerPC micro-processor with a full Linux operating system environment
  • Includes 1GB of flash memory, an Ethernet port, a CAN port, a serial port (RS-232) and a USB port, as well as a real-time clock
  • Stand-alone software products may be run on a controller with the expansion board such as software updates for the ESX-3XL or ESX-3XM through the USB port (the update hex file is on a USB flash drive) or the Vehicle Data System (STW’s web-based telematics package for data logging and real-time diagnostics)
  • Several important functions are integrated into the controller software package such as logging, networking, remote procedure calls (RPCs), file management and streaming
  • Linux environment provides a platform for adding new capabilities that may become necessary in the evolving world of smart, connected vehicles
  • Functions that can be accessed directly from the main controller through an API include data-logging of key machine variables, networking, remote procedure calls (RPCs), and file management and streaming


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