Raven Introduces Industry’s First Software Development Platform with Slingshot

The Slingshot API is designed to bridge the information gap between activity in the field and existing software at the office.

Raven Industries recently introduced the Slingshot API at the 2010 Ag Retailers Association Annual Conference and Expo. Building upon the Slingshot suite of wireless products and services, including RTK correction, data transfer, remote support, high speed internet access and more, the Slingshot API is designed to bridge the information gap between activity in the field and existing software at the office. This is made possible through Slingshot’s managed wireless connectivity platform and a software toolkit (API) to be implemented by software vendors and will allow an organization to take control over workflow and operational efficiency without replacing current software platforms.

“The Slingshot API allows software providers to offer their customers an automation platform that is fully integrated in their software, enhancing the value of the offering,” says Paul Welbig, Director of Slingshot Operations for Raven Industries, “Raven has built the tools necessary to learn the system, integrate, and be part of the future design of the platform. Software companies and other Slingshot API customers will receive unprecedented access to previously inaccessible field operations and hardware.”

Ag retailers reap the benefit of the Slingshot API by leveraging existing investments in software and custom development as well as the clear benefit of end-to-end business automation. For example, the platform is designed to eliminate the need for USB thumb drives to transfer data, and will expedite and streamline the way their operations manage the valuable data collected by the field computer.

The Slingshot API is also the first step in response to demand for customized interactions with Raven field computers from third parties and will be the exclusive method moving forward. This will help ensure the best possible user experience by utilizing the most consistent and dependable wireless interface with Raven's field computers. Several software providers, including AgWorks and SST Software, have already signed up and begun their implementations.

According to Greg Duhachek of AgWorks, “AgWorks is thrilled to offer our customers the opportunity to communicate application orders seamlessly between our schedule module and Raven field computers. Linking to the in-cab controllers is a critical efficiency gap for our customers, and Raven solves that with the introduction of the Slingshot API. AgWorks customers plan to put the API to use within their software this spring, and we are excited about working with Raven to stay on the cutting edge of technology in agriculture.”

Matt Waits of SST Software says, “Utilizing Raven’s Slingshot API allows Summit users to access tools within our software developed to better integrate the office with real-time field operations. The added value of wireless data transfer between Raven field computers and SST Summit software is immediately visible in reduced time, lower costs and increased data collection. Our logistics tools gain value with opportunities such as tracking assets in real-time while integrating the data standards of agX enables the seamless communication of data files between Raven and SST systems.”