Slingshot Online 2.0

Slingshot delivers RTK correction and high-speed Internet to the field.

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Slingshot Online 2.0 from Raven Industries will offer a more streamlined user experience through several enhancements to help simplify the way customers manage and share their data.

  • Combines wireless connectivity over cell phone networks, robust and intuitive online tools, and precision ag hardware
  • Delivers RTK correction signal technology and high-speed Internet
  • With Slingshot Field Hub in cab, operator receives repeatable correction signal at well over 30 miles beyond base station
  • Helps operators manage data, storing it in secure database
  • Real-time high speed Internet access in field
  • Managers can track vehicles, make changes to application files from anywhere in world
  • Wi-Fi enabled version of Slingshot Field Hub, which will be compatible with major cell carriers throughout global markets, is available
  • Wi-Fi Field Hub will create a hot spot, allowing up to five devices to connect at one time, and enables use of wireless internet on laptops or mobile devices in the field
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