Treemetrics Releases New Wave Technology for Forestry Industry

Treemetrics has released its new wave technology for the forestry industry, which combines laser scanning and aerial laser scanning.

Tlsals Final1

Treemetrics, the leading forestry analytics company, has announced a ground-breaking innovation in forestry technology, to combine both Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) and Aerial Laser Scanning (ALS), into a product for the forestry world. The announcement of this pioneering technology was made by Enda Keane, CEO of Treemetrics, at the 2012, AusTimber event, in Mount Gambier, South Australia.

Treemetric’s new wave technology, has transformed the concept of a forest as a “Living Warehouse” of log products, and made it a reality. This first to market technology, combines Terrestrial Laser Scanning forestry analytics, developed by Treemetrics, with existing Aerial Laser Scanning technologies.

Aerial Laser Scanning data, provides information to describe the quantity, and height, of trees in the forest. Therefore, combining the Terrestrial Aerial Laser Scanning, with the Aerial Laser Scanning, not only provides superior calibration data, but also stem quality data. It is the variations in profiles and quality of trees, that has the greatest impact on deciding what logs are contained in the forest.

Treemetrics provides this missing link, to provide accurate ground truthing. Commenting on the announcement, Enda Keane, Treemetrics CEO says: “We can accurately show foresters the actual log products present, in each tree, and how they can change, depending on specification and quality. This is a revolutionary development, and provides scientifically objective, independent and verifiable information, to the modern forestry industry, whilst displacing the old 19th century methods."

Historically, the uncertainty and variability around traditional data collection methods, made it impossible to accurately estimate and quantify the log volumes in each forest. This inaccurate information ultimately made it impossible for forest owners, to extract maximum value from their resource.

Therefore, understanding the problem - use of intelligent data, real-time analytics and a simple-to-use web platform for harvest planning, are at the core of Treemetrics development. Given that the global demand for log products is increasing, Treemetrics believed there had to be a better way to measure forests.

Treemetrics is partnering with providers of Aerial Laser Scanning data, to provide this transformative information to forest owners and harvesting managers around the globe. This is providing significant improvements in efficiency, cost savings and greater value recovery, more than 10%, to forest owners and harvesting companies.