LHP Telematics introduces Equipment Intelligence Version

Version of LHP Telematics' Equipment Intelligence web portal includes new asset management features such as the ability to sell, return and transfer assets.

Lhp Telematics New Version Equipment Intelligence
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LHP Telematics (LHPT) has released a new version of the Equipment Intelligence web portal. The new version includes new asset management features and global customers.

New asset management features include the ability to sell, return and transfer assets. OEM and Dealer accounts can sell assets down the customer chain, from OEM accounts to Dealer accounts to Customer accounts. Dealer and Customer accounts can also return assets back up the customer chain.

Assets can now also be transferred. Dealer accounts can transfer assets to another dealer, as long as both dealer accounts are under the same OEM. Customers can also transfer assets if they have sold an asset to another person. When a customer transfers an asset, they fill out a form with the information about the person or business they sold the asset to. This information is then sent to the customer’s Dealer, so that the dealer is aware that the customer no longer has possession of an asset.

OEM accounts can now create Global Customer accounts. A Global Customer is a customer who is created by the OEM and is not assigned to a dealer account. Global Customers are often customer accounts that are too large to be managed by only one dealer. OEM and Dealers can sell assets to Global Customers, and the Global Customer can then return assets to the OEM or any Dealer.