ORBCOMM further expands global communication network

ORBCOMM has expanded its global communication network to now include offering services in Oman and Rio de Janeiro.

ORBCOMM Inc., a global provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions, announces that Mahd Telecom, ORBCOMM’s Muscat, Oman-based national service provider partner for Oman and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, has been granted regulatory approval to provide ORBCOMM services in Oman. Issuance of the service authorization allows for installation of a new ORBCOMM Gateway Earth Station (GES) in Oman and completion of the radio spectrum licensing process. In addition, ORBCOMM has signed an agreement to purchase the ORBCOMM GES located near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from its local service partner, completing ORBCOMM’s ownership consolidation of all Western Hemisphere GES facilities.
The Oman and Brazil GESs, together with 14 other strategically-placed ORBCOMM GES facilities located throughout the world, connect ORBCOMM’s satellite constellation to its ground-based network infrastructure. In addition to providing links to ORBCOMM’s fleet of first generation satellites, ORBCOMM’s global network of GES facilities will also enable ORBCOMM to deliver the advanced services provided by its recently launched ORBCOMM Generation 2 (OG2) satellites, making ORBCOMM’s M2M communications offerings even more efficient, reliable and globally available.
“With the successful launch of the first OG2 mission and the impending improvements in service, we are focusing on all aspects of our network to deliver the best satellite M2M product in the industry,” says Marc Eisenberg, Chief Executive Officer of ORBCOMM. “The new authorization and GES installation in Oman will significantly improve service levels in the Middle East region and provide satellite access to a new major market for deployment of ORBCOMM solutions. Furthermore, ORBCOMM’s purchase of the Brazil GES completes our Western Hemisphere GES consolidation program, bringing increased efficiencies and service reliability enhancements for our customers throughout the Americas, the Atlantic Ocean, and even parts of Africa.”
“We have been following ORBCOMM’s growing momentum with great excitement and are pleased to have the ability to help bring ORBCOMM’s products and services to the GCC and broader Middle East region,” says a representative from Mahd Telecom. “We believe that given Mahd Telecom’s understanding of the local customer base and ORBCOMM’s broad range of M2M offerings we will be able to offer new products and services to the oil & gas sector as well as address several underserved markets such as refrigerated and dry fleet container tracking and many new projects focused around the maritime industry not only in Oman, but also throughout the region.”
ORBCOMM expects to continue to expand its global communications network through its ongoing efforts to open new markets in additional countries and the construction of additional GESs in key locations to serve these new markets.