Hitachi introduces new Global e-Service remote machine monitoring systems at INTERMAT

Hitachi's new Global e-Service remote machine monitoring systems enable equipment owners to monitor operational data on a daily basis via a website.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) has created two new remote machine monitoring systems that have been developed as part of its Global e-Service online application. Available in many languages, Owner’s Site and ConSite was introduced in April 2015 at INTERMAT for Zaxis-3 and Zaxis-5 medium and large crawler, and wheeled excavators, as well as ZW-5 wheel loaders.

Global e-Service allows owners to monitor their Hitachi construction machinery remotely. The machines send operational data on a daily basis via GPRS or satellite to This allows immediate access to the new and improved Owner’s Site, and the vital information that is required to support Hitachi machinery and operations on construction job sites.

As each project is different, the Owner’s Site dashboard can be customized to view all the relevant data by defined machine group or job site. Comparing the ratio of operating and non-operating hours helps to boost productivity and enhance the efficiency of each machine.

The effective management of maintenance programmes through the Owner’s Site will help to maximize the availability of Hitachi construction machinery. Running costs can also be managed more effectively by analysing the fuel consumption. Working across different job sites makes planning essential, and the location and movements of each machine are clearly displayed.

An automatic service report – ConSite – sends a monthly email summarizing the information from Global e-Service for each Hitachi machine. This includes a detailed analysis of the operational data, ratios and hours.

The operational data highlights daily working hours and fuel consumption in a color-coded calendar format. This gives an insight into how productive and efficient each machine has performed in the past month.

The report provides statistics on the operating mode ratio, plus a comparison with the previous month for the fuel consumption and efficiency, and CO2 emissions. There are also non-operation and swing efficiency ratings, and ratios that compare the machine’s performance against the same model class in that region.

The ConSite monthly report is also stored in the Owner’s Site for ease of reference. In addition, in the unlikely event of a fault, an emergency alarm report is sent to the owner and the local authorized Hitachi dealer for immediate action.

“Global e-Service continues to enhance the customer experience of using and managing Hitachi construction machinery through these two unique developments,” says Tom van Wijlandt, HCME’s Assistant Manager Service Development. “Owner’s Site and ConSite will provide information that they can use to maximize the efficiency, minimize downtime and improve the overall performance of their Hitachi fleets.”