LHP Telematics announces availability of common controller OTAP framework

LHP Telematics' newly available Common Controller OTAP Framework enables heavy equipment OEMs to remotely update all controllers in their equipment.

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LHP Telematics announces the general availability of the Common Controller Over-the-Air Programming (OTAP) Framework for OEM customers. The Common Controller OTAP Framework leverages the flexibility of the LHP Telematics Embedded Application and the Equipment Intelligence backend service to allow heavy equipment OEMs to remotely update all the controllers in their equipment.

Very few OEMs single-source all controllers that are in their equipment. This makes controller software and configuration updates across equipment lines a very complex task. This tends not to be an issue with very large OEMs because they either make their own lines of controllers or they have enough buying clout with the controller companies that they can demand the controller update protocols from the vendors. Small and mid-size OEMs tend to multi-source controllers throughout their entire equipment lines. This results in complex issues when trying to perform updates locally and makes remote updates nearly impossible.

LHP Telematics has released the Common Controller OTAP Framework as part of its focus on OEMs to help solve this issue. The framework is an open modular set of controls on the server side and embedded side that allow an OEM to define, manage and update all the controllers on their equipment.

“Remote updates for controllers are one of the easiest items to put a value proposition against when it comes to telematics at the OEM level. Unless you build all your controllers and your own telematics service, remote controller updates are hard to implement. We have taken an open platform approach to this issue and allowed OEMs to solve it using our solutions in multiple ways depending on the flexibility of the controller vendor,” says Travis Jones, CTO of LHP Telematics.