Digi-Star and RDS Technology debut various new products at Agritechnica 2015

During Agritechnica, Digi-Star and RDS Technology exhibited several new products for more efficient, connected farm operations.

iSOCAN Artemis
iSOCAN Artemis
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Digi-Star International and RDS Technology, providers of precision monitoring, measuring and control systems for mobile machinery exhibited the latest developments of their enhanced range of totally integrated precision solutions covering a wide cross-section of the industry from on-board weighing, yield and harvesting, seeding and drilling, spreading and fertilizing, to livestock feeding applications.


iSOCAN Artemis

The iSOCAN Artemis electric drive system for seed drills is configurable for proportional to forward speed control of up to four products/motors. As an optional addition, the company can offer integrated blockage functionality with sensors supplied by RDS. The optical sensors mounted in the air pipes will monitor seed flow and provide an alarm to the operator in the event of a blockage. In conjunction with the electric metering drive of Artemis, this makes for a comprehensive control and monitoring system for the modern seed drill.

ISOBUS Artemis

With an increasing demand to provide operation via an ISOBUS UT, the Artemis Bridge Module designed to operate with the iSOCAN has now been enhanced to enable Artemis-equipped seed drills to work with the modern ISOBUS-equipped tractors. As per the iSOCAN Artemis, the software will be configurable to operate up to four electric motors, each of which can be for a different product if required. Precision Farming functionality will be supported by the integrated ISOBUS TC GEO within the terminal.

Available in 2016.

Psi Artemis

The RDS Artemis is a variable rate control and monitoring system for seed drills that removes the need for a mechanically driven land wheel by operating the metering unit with an electric motor maintaining its speed proportional to forward speed.



With increasing demand for accurate and consistent application of farm yard manure and granular fertilizer, RDS has developed the iSOCAN APOLLO system that will control the floor conveyor speed of the spreader proportional to forward speed. Dynamic calibration from on-board loadcells enables the system to maintain accuracy irrespective of product density changes. This complete control provides spreading accuracy and also simplifies operation for the user. The iSOCAN also contains two camera inputs along with VRA, GPS guidance and section control capabilities (activation code required).

Available ISOBUS-compatible in 2016.


Using the 4.3-inch touchscreen G-CAN instrument, the M-SPREAD is a simple solution providing basic electro-hydraulic control of a spreader i.e. floor speed control, slurry gate up/down etc. Additional sensors enable operational information to be viewed such as area covered, distance travelled and job duration.page1image20584page2image736

It also offers the possibility for export to a USB stick for record keeping purposes. An optional capability is to interface with RDS Epsilon sensors for a static weighing feature to bring further data to the operator i.e. average tonnes/ha, tonnes spread etc.



The WEIGHLOG α10 is a user-friendly on-board weighing system that can be retrofitted onto compact wheeled loaders, telescopic handlers, forklifts, skidsteer and tractor loaders. Suitable for use with up to 10 different attachments e.g. buckets or forks, the system is used for trailer and hopper loading, batch blending or check-weighing incoming goods.

The system provides data storage via an SD card reader and USB 2.0 host allowing quick, safe and efficient uploading and downloading of load data.


The new LOADMASTER α100 on-board weighing system has been designed for large wheeled loaders operating in the toughest environments and incorporates advanced inclinometer and pressure sensor technology, comprehensive databasing capability and GPRS, Wi-Fi, SD and USB connectivity.

In addition, iSOSYNC allows end-users to view the comprehensive LOADMASTER α100 database remotely on their smart phone or alternatively full two-way communication with a central computer for the transfer of job data including products, customers and truck numbers.


The RDS WEIGHLOG 200 is a user-friendly entry level on-board weighing system that can be used for a variety of applications including check-weighing incoming goods and trailer and hopper loading.


For forklifts operating in the fastest loading environments, the NEW LIFTLOG 1000 offers a weighing system with 0.5% accuracy. With the ever increasing focus on productivity and safe-loading, the new LIFTLOG 1000 is a cost-effective weighing instrument that reduces loading cycle times and maximises tons per hour performance.


CERES 8000i

The CERES 8000i is a yield monitoring instrument that enables users to see and map their yield as they cut. The CERES 8000i is a dynamically accurate, continuous crop yield measurement system which is easily installed onto virtually any combine. The monitor head unit can be easily transferred between different machines. A suitable DGPS receiver and a ‘Data Logging module’ is required to go yield mapping.

CMM 100

The COMBINE MOISTURE METER (CMM) 100 is an easy-to-use moisture meter for combines that gives the operator a continuous and dynamic display of grain moisture. Both CERES and COMBINE MOISTURE METER can be retro-fitted on all types of combines, new or used, and are suitable for all combinable crops, including grass seed and oilseeds.

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