MAGNET Cloud-Based Software

The Topcon Group software solution makes it possible for real-time collaboration between project personnel.

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The Topcon Group software solution makes it possible for real-time collaboration between project personnel.


  • Stores all company and project data with access from a cloud environment
  • Allows users to track assets, manage projects, exchange data and communicate in real-time 
  • Includes MAGNET Relay mobile base RTK broadcasting service (subscription required).
  • Features tool tips for key icons and buttons
  • Mobile application for iPhones and iPads available
  • Project manager extensions include overview dashboard for all active projects, a proposal writing and task-creation operation, task assignments, a project-specific dashboard, project calendar, project status reports, and user schedule and timecard applications 


  • Connects field users to the cloud, and enables real-time communication, cloud storage and data exchange
  • Includes powerful field software for topo, staking, roads and calculations
  • Features quick codes
  • Text from AutoCAD DWG files available to import for viewing on map
  • Users can export GPS and TS raw data to user-defined formats using custom export formatter
  • Includes 3D Viewer
  • Supports SiteLink 3D connections 
  • Simulation available in all routines
  • Includes various Calculate (COGO) routines
  • Features view options in map for Background Drawings and Surfaces


  • Processes and exchanges data between the enterprise cloud and favorite desktop applications, i.e., Autodesk Civil 3D


  • Exchanges design files, survey jobs and surfaces through enterprise cloud for simple project revisions and real-time survey data from the field
  • Supports import of DWG for 64 Bit Systems 
  • Processing option assists import from Internet 
  • Includes option to create points at tick intersections from AutoCAD drawings and annotations settings for 2 point arcs
  • Features option to create vectors from PDF files
  • Supports PDF files containing vectors and raster data
  • Offers option to elevate polylines during PDF trace and scale PDF data
  • Includes SiteLink 3D interface and support


  • Provides cloud storage plans that are secure and safe with enough room to keep all data in one location
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