smartZones Fleet Management and Safety System

inthinc announces the release of the latest version of smartZones, the company's GPS-based fleet management and safety system.

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inthinc Technology Solutions Inc. has released an updated version of smartZones—an enhanced GPS-based technology that allows fleet managers to draw boundaries around customized regions for easier fleet administration and safety monitoring.

  • Enables fleet managers to assign specific attributes within a created zone that map to their companies’ safety policies— including speed limits, seat belt use and aggressive driving 
  • Allows fleet managers to create speed limits for various parts of work area if operating in a region with no defined speed limits
  • In-cab verbal notification tells drivers to slow down if they exceed the assigned speed limit
  • Drivers may also receive verbal alerts for excessive idling, or upon entering or exiting a caution zone or hazardous area
  • Provides automated text or email alerts to fleet managers if an accident or other dangerous activity occurs within the defined area
  • Seatbelt Use alerts drivers when their seatbelt is not fastened
  • Caution Area Alert alerts drivers when they are approaching a hazardous area
  • Zone Arrival/Departure Alerts notify fleet manager when drivers enter or exit a defined zone
  • Driver Behavior Alerts provides safety alerts for hard turns, hard braking or hard dips within a zone
  • Free-form drawing tool enables users to create smartZone boundaries without being constrained by having to work with only circles or square shapes
  • Allows creation of any number of smartZones to monitor
  • Provides regional or individual driver scorecards, in-cab verbal coaching, GPS and trips reporting, electronic hours-of-service logs and more
  • All information managed from the web-based management portal 
  • Helps reduce fleet-wide speeding by over 80% within the first month of using the system


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