Master Bond Supreme 45HTQ-4 Silicon Carbide Filled Epoxy

The Supreme 45HTQ-4 epoxy from Master Bond features a high temperature resistance with serviceability over a temperature range from -100 to 450 F.

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Featuring a silicon carbide filler, Master Bond Supreme 45HTQ-4 is a toughened epoxy for high performance bonding, sealing, coating and casting.

  • Can be used for a wide variety of special industrial, aerospace, OEM and oil processing applications, especially in downhole situations
  • Features combination of chemical, temperature and abrasion resistance
  • Serviceable from -100-450 F (-73.3-232.2 C)
  • Capable of withstanding rigorous thermal cycling
  • Offers high tensile lap shear, compressive and tensile strength of 1,400-1,600 psi (96.5-110.3 bar), 24,000-26,000 psi (1,654.7-1792.6 bar)  and 8,000-9,000 psi (551.6-620.5 bar), respectively
  • Retains strength at elevated temperatures
  • Dimensionally stable with low shrinkage upon curing
  • Features excellent electrical insulation properties with a dielectric constant at 60 Hz of 4.6 and a volume resistivity exceeding 1014 ohm-cm
  • Mix ratio is 100 to 30 by weight and a thixotropic paste consistency
  • Long pot life of more than 12 hours at room temperature for a 100 g (3.5 oz.) batch
  • Requires oven curing at 250-300 F (121.1-148.9 C) with various cure schedules
  • Post cure of 4 hours at 350 F (176.7 C) will optimize properties
  • Provides strong bond to wide variety of substrates including metals, composites, ceramics, rubbers and most plastics
  • Gray colored
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