Master Bond UV22DC80-10F One Part UV Adhesive System

Master Bond's UV22DC80-10F is a dual cure system which is not oxygen inhibited.

Master Bond Uv22 Dc80 10 F
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Master Bond UV22DC80-10F is a nanosilica filled, UV dual cure adhesive system.

  • One component system, no mixing needed
  • Secondary cure is accomplished by adding heat, with minimum temperature being 80 C (176 F)
  • Epoxy based system
  • Cures readily upon exposure to UV light and if there are any shadowed out areas, heating at 80 C will complete the cure
  • 80 C curing feature is particularly useful given the sensitivity of many plastics to elevated temperatures 
  • Consistency is thixotropic, low viscosity
  • Dispenses readily, but it is not as free flowing as other systems
  • Cationic type cure and is not oxygen inhibited
  • Bonds well to wide variety of substrates including metals, glass, ceramics and most plastics
  • Good chemical resistance to many acids, bases, fuels and solvents
  • Superb electrical insulator
  • Able to withstand rigorous thermal cycling
  • Service temperature range is -60-350 F (-51.1-176.7 C)
  • Nanosilica filled system enables low shrinkage upon curing and good dimensional stability.
  • Typically the UV portion occurs in 10-30 seconds at 365 nm with 10-40 milliwatts/cm2 of output
  • Areas not cured because of shadowing effects can be readily cured at 80 C for 30-60 minutes
  • Post curing at 125-150 C (257-302 F) for 15-30 minutes will increase the Tg
  • In addition to bonding, can be used for small encapsulations as it will cure in thickness up to 0.050 in. (0.127 cm)
  • Viable option for high tech aerospace, electronics, optical and specialty OEM applications 
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