Master Bond Supreme 11HTLP Two-Part Epoxy

Supreme 11HTLP two-part epoxy from Master Bond features a high bond strength of over 3,200 psi and bonds well to various materials including metals, glass and ceramics.

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Developed for high tech bonding and sealing applications, Master Bond Supreme 11HTLP is a two part epoxy for use in aerospace, electronics and specialty OEM industries.

  • Combines user friendly processing with high physical strength profile
  • Formulated for toughness, with high bond strength of over 3,200 psi and 20 pli, respectively in the shear and peel mode
  • Bonds well to wide variety of substrates including metals, glass, ceramics, composites, rubbers and plastics
  • Withstands aggressive thermal cycling as well as impact and shock
  • Serviceable over wide temperature range of -100-400 F (-73.33-204.44 C)
  • Features one to one mix ratio by weight or volume and working life of 90-120 min. for 100 g (0.22 lb.) batch
  • Thorough mixing is facilitated by color coding as Part A is gray and Part B is amber
  • Features high viscosity while maintaining flow properties
  • Can be cured at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures
  • Exhibits low shrinkage and dimensional stability upon curing
  • Readily machinable
  • Volume resistivity exceeds 1013 ohm-cm
  • Delivers reliable electrical insulation values
  • Resistant to many chemicals including water, oil and fuels, and 100% reactive
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