Shell Rotella SD Grease

The Shell Rotella SD Grease is formulated with moly solid lubricant and is suited for use in equipment subjected to high shock loads.

Shell Rotella Sd Grease

Shell Rotella SD Grease is a high-performance, high-temperature grease for vehicle and equipment lubrication.

  • Formulated with moly solid lubricant (molybdenum disulfide)
  • Designed for lubrication of demanding applications in vehicles and equipment that are subjected to high shock loads where rapid starts and stops may occur
  • Helps alleviate impact of shock loads on chassis points, sliding pins, trailer hitches, and axle splines
  • High base oil viscosity provides  excellent load carrying performance
  • Excellent mechanical stability even when continuously exposed to weather
  • Performance consistency is retained over long periods, even in conditions of severe vibration
  • Load-carrying performance enhanced by presence of solids
  • Applications include use in tractors and tractor attachments, construction equipment, power take-off linkages, and trailers and hitches
  • Meets NLGI No. 2
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