Shell Rotella MP Grease

Shell Rotella MP Grease is a high-quality, multipurpose, extreme-pressure grease for use in on- and off-road vehicle and equipment applications.

Shell Rotella Mp Grease

Shell Rotella MP Grease is designed for multipurpose grease lubrication of on- and off-road vehicles and equipment for general chassis, springs, pivot points, low speed bearings (not disk brake wheel bearings), and equipment such as mowers, trailers, lifts, and loader buckets.

  • High-quality, multipurpose, extreme-pressure grease
  • Based on blend of high viscosity index mineral oils and lithium hydroxystreate soap thickener that contains extreme-pressure and other additives to enhance performance in wide range of applications
  • Contains special extreme pressure additives that enable it to withstand heavy shock loads without failure of lubricant film
  • Improved mechanical stability in vibrating environments where poor mechanical stability can lead to grease softening with subsequent loss of lubrication performance and leakage
  • Specially selected base oil components have excellent oxidation resistance; consistency will not alter in storage and can withstand high operating temperatures without hardening or forming deposits
  • Reliably protects bearing surfaces against corrosion, even when high amount of water is present
  • Resistant to water wash-out
  • Applications include use in vehicle chassis and general equipment lubrication 
  • Meets NLGI LB, No. 2
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