OIS-AT partnering with SAND-X MOTORS, Switzerland for Advanced T-ATVs in India

OIS-AT has formed a strategic partnership with SAND-X MOTORS, Switzerland on the development of Advanced Tracked All-Terrain Vehicles in India.

Against the backdrop of DefExpo 2014, OIS Advanced Technology (OIS-AT) announced a strategic relationship with SAND-X MOTORS, Switzerland, as its OEM in India. This agreement envisages OIS-AT performing all the functions of an OEM of Advanced Tracked All-Terrain Vehicles (T-ATVs).

"This is undoubtedly an exciting development and we are pleased that SAND-X MOTORS, Switzerland has chosen to enter into a relationship with OIS-AT. We are fully geared to work with SAND-X MOTORS and optimize efficiencies under this partnership and meet the demand for T-ATVs in India including meeting Defence Offset obligations where local manufactured product of SAND-X MOTORS, Switzerland is applicable," says Sanjay Bhandari, Chairman and Managing Director OIS Advanced Technology.

"We carefully assessed and evaluated our partnership options before opting to work with OIS-AT, as SAND-X MOTORS believes in long-term relationships. We are happy with the team at OIS-AT and the firm's technology capabilities, which we hope to enhance and bolster with our global expertise in T-ATVs. We certainly foresee an exciting future here," says Urs Eiselin, Managing Director, SAND-X MOTORS, Switzerland.