Texas Hydraulics' Long-Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders Now Available with Dual Sealing System

Texas Hydraulics announces its long-stroke hydraulic cylinders are now available with a Dual Sealing System to prevent rod-seal leakage.

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Texas Hydraulics Inc. announces that its long-stroke hydraulic cylinders are available with a Dual Sealing System specifically engineered to prevent rod-seal leakage in the most extreme operating environments. Available on virtually any hydraulic cylinder where a longer stroke is required, the Dual Sealing System can be found in a wide variety of applications, including drilling and mining equipment; boom-extend cylinders for cranes, aerial devices and wreckers; scoping cylinders for service rigs; and various oil well and horizontal baling operations, to name a few.

Texas Hydraulics’ Dual Sealing System has been engineered to be more resilient than standard sealing systems, ensuring it remains in constant contact with the rod even during large amounts of pressure spiking resulting in rod deflection and lateral movement. The Dual Sealing System also features high-quality wear rings that provide an additional level of protection. Texas Hydraulics rigorously tested its Dual Sealing System in its state-of-the-art testing facility and in actual field applications. This dual-testing approach allows Texas Hydraulics’ engineering team to provide reliable cylinder performance for its customers most demanding applications.

“We were approached by a customer looking for a solution to a sealing problem on their long-stroke cylinders. Once we were able to review the options, and based on our experience in various industries, we were able to develop our own Dual Sealing System so that it solved this problem,” says Leonard Kruppa, Technical Account Manager at Texas Hydraulics. “Some of our cylinders that feature our Dual Sealing System have been in the field for more than 15 years without experiencing any rod-seal leakage.”

The Dual Sealing System is available on Texas Hydraulics’ Standard, and Piggy-back Hydraulic Cylinders. Standard Cylinders are available in both double and single-acting designs and feature durable chrome plating rods, piston sealing and standard and custom mounting. The design of Texas Hydraulics’ Piggy-back Cylinder enables a longer stroke with a shorter overall length and is ideal for applications that require a long extend with a short retraction area.