SSAB Extends Size Range for Hardox Wear Plate

SSAB's Hardox wear plate is now available in 3 mm thickness, enabling the company to meet customers'

Hardox Steel

Hardox wear plate is now available in 3 mm thickness, which means that SSAB can meet a major demand for applications in which it is important to optimize both durability and strength. It can be used in truck-mounted cement mixers, truck and trailer platforms, containers and similar products where each pound saved increases load capacity.

Lighter materials benefit the entire chain, from shipments and stock management to all manufacturing stages of a product. Lower weight is also an important environmental benefit.

Hardox 3 mm has the same features as other Hardox thicknesses. When it comes to toughness, bendability and hardness, the properties of Hardox are known to be second to none.

Many customers see thinner Hardox as an opportunity to develop even more extreme applications in which weight is a vital factor. These projects often occur in close collaboration with the specialists at SSAB’s Knowledge Service Center.

Hardox wear plate is a guarantee of high quality and long life around the world. Many companies are licensed to use the Hardox In My Body logo. The logo shows that their products meet high-strength material and manufacturing requirements.

With 3 mm Hardox wear plate even more people can achieve this highly sought after license. Hardox In My Body is a recognized and appreciated concept in many industries.