dSPACE Demonstrates Three New Product Lines at SAE Show

dSPACE will have live demonstrations of three of its new product lines during SAE's Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress 2012.

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dSPACE will have live demonstrations of its three newest product lines – SYNECT, SCALEXIO and VEOS – at SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress (COMVEC), Booth #507, being held Oct. 2 to 3, 2012, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL, USA.

All three new product lines compliment the dSPACE tool chain for developing and testing embedded electronics. dSPACE developed these new technologies in response to customers’ needs of data management and reuse in model-based design, managing test infrastructure efficiently, and expediting controls development through virtualization. These requirements have become extremely critical as new technologies such as hybrid electric drives, driver assistance sytems, etc., have led to increased complexity in vehicle electronics and embedded software.

SYNECT for More Efficient Data Management

Using dSPACE SYNECT, users can integrate, store and retrieve all their model-based development data such as models, parameters and signals, tests, test results, etc., from one central database. Additionally, you can track stored data from one end of the development process to the other, manage your data, dependencies, versions and variants, and easily import and export data throughout the development process. Furthermore, you can scale your system to fit your team size - from small local teams to globally distributed teams. 

SCALEXIO – New Technology for Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation and Testing

dSPACE SCALEXIO fulfills all the new requirements that our hardware-in-the-loop customers have encountered over the last few years. It delivers a completely new hardware and software architecture that is fully software configurable, making system set-up and re-use very efficient. SCALEXIO systems are very versatile and can be sized precisely to fit specific tasks. SCALEXIO systems can be planned, configured and modified quickly and easily.  

VEOS – Find Errors Early with Virtual ECU Testing

dSPACE VEOS is a platform for PC-based offline simulation. With VEOS, you can simulate the behavior of virtual electronic control units right on your PC. It lets you to verify whether ECU software is functioning correctly and if problems are occurring in the system’s overall behavior.  You can even run the ECU software closed-loop with plant models to see how the system responds in interaction with its environment. dSPACE VEOS enables you to find errors early in the development phase, saving time and costs.