TII Group showcases powerful low-bed vehicle for transporation industry

During the SOLUTRANS event, TII Group displayed the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS Euro Compact low-bed vehicle which provides more loading space height.

Tii Group Euro Compact Truck

Traditionally, the SOLUTRANS trade fair in Lyon is a lively intra-industry exchange - and so it was the case this year. The TII Group was once again present with two exhibits: a SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact and a swap body transporter from KAMAG. Particularly interesting discussions took place at the SOLUTRANS between NICOLAS sales representatives and the Molina S.A.S. company. Since 2000, Molina S.A.S. has been a very satisfied NICOLAS customer. At the fair, the company decided to purchase the exhibited SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS Euro Compact, a vehicle which had already convinced the large number of visitors to the stand due to its numerous advantages.

The SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact is the most powerful low-bed vehicle on the market in terms of maximum possible loading length with the shortest combination length as well as highest payload. The pronounced recess in the platform trailer also provides even more loading space height - one of many reasons why Molina decided in favor of the EuroCompact from NICOLAS. Especially when driving under bridges, the loading height determines whether or not a costly and time-consuming detour must be taken.

Molina S.A.S. was convinced by irrefutable advantages: this SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact was taken directly from the SOLUTRANS to be used in its first assignment.

The advantage of the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact for the operator starts with the large selection of compact dollys, dolly bogie units and platform trailers with different numbers of axle lines and permissible axle loads. Thus, it is possible to set up the optimal combination to match the respective requirements resulting in fast, uncomplicated and, above all, cost-effective vehicle operations.

A successful model, the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact: this vehicle has already proved itself in demanding continuous operations since its first assignment at the beginning of 2013 for the French customer, Schlichting Transport

The new generation of the vehicle is even more compact. This has been made possible by an off-set coupling between the first axle lines of the dolly trailer unit. Thus, for example, the length of a combination comprising of a retractable gooseneck and a coupled two-axle dolly bogie unit is the same length as one two-axis compact dolly. In the construction, great attention was paid to realizing a particularly wide (900 mm) and pronounced boom recess, positioned very low above the surface of the road (550 mm), for the rear trailer unit. This allows the vehicle to accommodate very wide and high excavator arms. The EuroCompact has a particularly good dead weight/payload ratio. The increase in payload capacity results primarily from weight optimization applied over the entire vehicle. In addition, the compact design allows a larger loading area with an unchanged overall length as well as a high degree of maneuvrability with a 65 degree steering angle on the front pendulum axle dolly and 60 degrees on the rear bogie unit.

The Wiesel interchangeable lifting truck from KAMAG also aroused considerable attention at the SOLUTRANS: since its launch in 1994, the KAMAG Wiesel has dominated the market and is in demanding continuous use in many logistics centres in Germany and throughout Europe. Particularly important for use with road use approval: the Weasel is available with the EUROMOT 3B exhaust emission standard and is thus provided with a regular green disc. Apart from its primary task of moving swap bodies, the Wiesel can also be used for winter service duties at logistics yards. For this,  a hydraulically adjustable snow plough is mounted on the front of the driver´s cab by means of a special attachment. For the operator, this means even more profitability in yard logistics and the investment in only one vehicle system.